Monday, February 28, 2011

Professional Growth through Sharing

Once you have tried one of our district strategies, thinking maps, or the GRR please share with others. Sharing will be a key to our success of growing Sparta Schools capacity to integrate the strategies k-12. We are looking for stories of success and failure, links to internet web resources, and videos of you in action. Post Away!

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Molly said...


I am using several types of maps this week for each grade level in the content we are accomplishing. For my fifth graders, I'm using a flow map to show/remind my kids about how to read a piece (of music) before they play it. It seems to work much better than when I just tried to tell them or to demonstrate it. The map gives a predictable framework for how they should proceed.

For my fourth graders, I am having them play a game with notes and math, making simple math problems using various combo's of notes (for example, a quarter note plus a quarter note equals... two beats!) I am trying to use a bridge map with this to show the connections between the notes and the beats they are worth, but I am not sure if I'm setting it up to use it at its fullest value. Any suggestions??

Third graders are making a circle map to describe the components of sound... working very well!

Hope everyone else is doing well with what you're trying. I am really finding a lot of value in the maps and the kids seem to be excited to try all of the different types!

:) Molly Friederichs (Appleview Music)